Privacy Policy for Droid Scan

Handling of personal data:

When handling potentially sensitive user data, such as photos and document scans, Droid Scan follows these principles:

  • Droid Scan handles user data securely, including transmitting it using modern cryptographic methods, such as over HTTPS.

  • In the case that a built-in feature of Droid Scan, such as uploading documents to a server, relies on a third party, only reliable third parties with acceptable privacy policies are used.

  • Droid Scan only handles user data that is related to the features it provides.

  • Droid Scan does not share user data with a third party unless the user explicitly requests it.


It is common practice for an application to collect data about how people use it, generally to understand what features of the app work best and which features need work. This is called app analytics.

Droid Scan does not use app analytics.

If at some time in the future the developer decides to collect app analytics, each user will have the chance to decide whether or not they want to participate.